All oregano varieties or oils are not equal.

There are many varieties of oregano available throughout the world, but few match the taste and potency of the mountain grown, wild Mediterranean variety, available in only select parts of Turkey. This species has a unique balance of compounds, which work together synergistically.

Being able to appreciate this particular variety requires an intimate familiarity with it, something that only comes from using the best oregano oil while growing up in Turkey. The ingredient is 100% ECO-certified organic food grade, which is, of course, imported from Turkey.

We are proud to provide you with an all-natural oregano oil that's perfect for use daily. We ensure that every ingredient is handled in a manner that exceeds regulatory mandates.


The result is a product that is guaranteed to be consistent, effective, and more powerful than anything our competitors have available.

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We offer a no-questions-asked guarantee, meaning you can try our organic, 100% Turkish mountain-grown oil of oregano today without hesitation.

Finally, our oregano oil is eco-certified, 100% organic food grade and contains over 80% Carvacrol. To provide you with highest-grade oil of oregano, we steam-distill leaves only and bottle it in the United States at an FDA cGMP-compliant bottling company, creating a product that meets ISO 9001-2000 standards.

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