Extra Strength Oregano Oil



Wild Mediterranean (Origanum Vulgare Species); 100% Organically Grown in the Western Mountainous Regions of Turkey; 100% ECO CERTIFIED ORGANIC (certificate no 71848TR2200W11); Handpicked & STEAM DISTILLED from Leaves Only; FOOD GRADE; Non-GMO; VEGAN FRIENDLY.

NO ALCOHOL: No Fillers, No Binders, No Artificial Flavoring, No Colors, No Additives, No Pesticides. Enjoy our Organic Oil of Oregano orally, topically or through a diffuser; 80%-83% min carvacrol. Less than 2% Thymol. NO synthetic spiking.

NATURAL SEASONAL IMMUNE SUPPORT: relieves cold/flu symptoms, seasonal allergies, intestinal health, skin conditions, muscle/joint aches, respiratory conditions, sinus infections, inflammation, improves acne, elevates mood. For optimal results, take 1-4 drops in mouth or in juice/ water. Delivers 250 servings.

CLEAN INGREDIENTS: Organic Oregano oil, cold pressed extra virgin organic olive oil. Together, this specially formulated blend is effective, highly concentrated and has a spicy/hot taste like the way oregano oil  was meant to be.

HEALTHY HEALTH is a Mediterranean American Family Owned business trusted since 2004. At Healthy Health, our pure passion is our Wild Organic Oil of Oregano. This is a product we love and personally use, ensuring you receive the highest quality. We treat our customers like family. Try us Today and Taste the Difference!

Suggested Use

  • 1-4 drops under the tongue or mixed with your favorite juice and/or water.
  • For topical use, please dilute with a carrier oil such as coconut oil.
  • Always test a small amount of mixture for sensitive skin or allergic reaction.
  • Keep away from genitals and eyes.
  • If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult with your healthcare provider first.
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14 reviews for Extra Strength Oregano Oil

  1. Peter H. (store manager)

    Great! It the best on the market

  2. Diane R. (store manager)

    Highly recommended!

  3. Holly K. (store manager)

    I’ve been taking your oil of oregano for years. I’m in the healthcare industry. 10 drops in my smoothie every morning keeps me from getting sick.

  4. Anetta G.

    I just had to express how grateful I am for this product. I have been using this brand for 8 years now, tried a few others but nothing even compares to this. Very impressed with the potency and the continuous results. You can smell how strong it is just by opening the package. Thank you!! I never leave home without it!

  5. Michael

    This is the best oregano oil on the market.

  6. Christina

    Once you begin to use this oregano oil you can immediately tell it’s a great product because it’s smells strong and clean. I have been using this product for a while now. It has been helpful in supporting my immune system and I find it to be a great natural remedy!

  7. Kelly H.

    Very powerful. Just a small amount is needed. I recommend this product for anyone that is looking for a natural remedy. This is the best that it gets!

  8. Dave S.

    I have used this product for many years now, and it works great! I love it. Thank you, Healthy Health.

  9. Paul

    Excellent product! I keep this with me at all times. I’m 71, and it has made a difference. Two thumbs up.

  10. Susan F.

    Quality product and great for my family’s immune system. If you are looking to improve your health, then this is it. I have recommended this to my friends!

  11. Joe B.

    This is a great product and well-priced. Very happy with this. You should always have this in your cabinet.

  12. Valentinia

    Whenever I’m feeling rundown, I take this immediately, and overnight I
    start feeling better. Whenever I have woken up with a runny nose or a
    sore throat and thought I was going to catch a cold, I take a few drops
    of this and the next day I am feeling better. I’m on my 3rd. Definitely
    recommend this!

  13. Doc Eve

    I really enjoyed this oregano oil and will purchase it again. Very

  14. Randy T.

    The best product I have ever invested in. I use this when I’m feeling
    run down. It also gives me a boost of energy when I wake up in the
    morning! This product is amazing and worth it.

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