Why you should consider using oregano oil for weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, people tend to think all it takes is good, old fashioned diet and exercise for them to look and feel their best. The great news is there’s a pantry staple that can provide an added boost for your weight loss: oregano. Oregano and its steam-distilled, concentrated oil have properties that are known to help aid in the loss of fat, reduce the effects of high fats in diets, and even boost your metabolism. When added to your normal regular healthcare regiment, it may just keep you on a path toward a healthier you. Here’s why you need oregano oil for weight loss.

Oregano oil burns fat

Oregano oil is a great weight loss tool for two major reasons: it helps reduce stubborn fat and prevents negative effects from high-fat foods. It’s the carvacrol compound found naturally in oregano that targets those fats.

In one study where mice were fed normal, high fat, and high fat diets with carvacrol, the mice fed high fat diets with carvacrol gained much less weight and body fat than the mice fed the high fat diets. In fact, the carvacrol was shown to stop the formation of fat cells, which is an incredible find for the benefits of using oregano oil.

Oregano oil boosts metabolism

Oregano oil is also rich in flavonoids, which are filled with antioxidants. Studies show that the antioxidants found in natural foods such as oregano and its concentrated oil improves metabolism, which can prevent or improve obesity.

Another study show that diets filled with flavonoids saw fewer weight gains from those who participated in the research. The research, which was recorded over 24 years and from an age span of 27 to 65, may help doctors provide insights to new dietary recommendations that can prevent obesity.

What else can oregano oil do?

In addition to aiding in weight loss, oregano oil has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and anticancer properties. It’s the powerful flavonoid and carvacrol compounds, which are pulled from oregano and concentrated into an oil, that do the heavy lifting for optimal health.

Oregano has also been shown to do the following:

    • Fight bacteria like listeria and E. coli.
    • Treat digestive issues, including heartburn and ulcers.
    • Help reduce cholesterol levels.

In short, oregano oil is a powerful addition to your medicine cabinet for all these reasons and many more.

How to take oregano oil

If you’re ready to test the many benefits of oregano oil for your health, there are many ways you can take it. Oregano oil is very spicy, so we recommend the following to tone down the flavor:

    • Because green and oolong teas are great for metabolization and fat burning, add even more punch to your tea’s impact by adding a drop of oregano oil to a cup of tea. Drink it before meals or after a workout to boost its effects.
    • Mix up to three drops to a glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning to enhance your body’s metabolism-boosting capabilities for your entire day.
    • Add a drop of two of oregano oil to any Greek or Italian sauce or dip to enjoy its benefits while you’re eating a meal.

Please note that oregano oil is very different from oregano essential oil. Essential oil is not made for human consumption and may be potent. Healthy Health oil, on the other hand, is 100% organic and ECO certified Food Grade oregano oil. It is perfect for daily use.

Why choose Healthy Health oregano oil for weight loss needs

The Healthy Health team has consistently offered the highest-quality oil of oregano since the company was founded in 2004. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with an alternative to prescription medications. We built Healthy Health with the idea that customers needed long-term solutions to their health-related needs, and that we should provide the best, most natural resources for them to do just that.

Healthy Health Oregano oil comes from the wild grown variety of oregano, Origanum Vulgare, which is found only in the mountains of Turkey. This species offers a unique blend of compounds, which work together synergistically. And it is truly the best of its kind. We steam distill and concentrate our oil, then deliver it to you, straight from our family to yours. We’re also proud of the fact that our oregano oil is 100 percent organic, rich in nutrients, and most importantly, safe and effective.

One final note: despite its many benefits, Healthy Health always recommends you consult with a doctor before you begin using oregano oil. We look forward to showing you what our Oil of Oregano can do on your path to natural wellness.

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